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Who is Heroic Robot?

Heroic Robot is your friend.

What is Heroic Robot?

Heroic Robot is a system created with engineered safeguards.  Heroic Robot can never harm a human.

No, but seriously, Heroic Robot is a pair of DJs (one ambient and one house/techno) who are also VJs (one who is into photographic and analogue effects, and one who is into beatmaps and time stretching).  We love to play and if your gig sounds interesting, we'll do it.

What does Heroic Robot want?

Heroic Robot wants you to be happy.  Happiness is mandatory.

Heroic Robot only wants to be loved, and maybe one day to become a real human.

How does Heroic Robot hope to make me happy?

Heroic Robot has a few tricks up its sleeve.

What should I do if I want Heroic Robot to help me?

First of all, relax.  Heroic Robot has plenty of time to help everyone.

Secondly, you can email us.  We love to hear from people, and we don't bite.

Thirdly, you can call us on the steam-powered telephone.  You can reach us at  (+1) 415 814 0289.

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